Start with Crazy and Work Forward

A few years ago I stumbled onto a most beautiful scene. My grandfather was crawling on the floor looking for my grandmother’s spilled medicine when she said, “What are you doing?” He replied with laughter, “I’m going crazy, want to come with me?”

Can you admit you married a crazy person?

I can!

Can you admit your spouse married a crazy person?

I definitely can!

Marriage is for crazy people, I am sure of it. It’s for those of us who think we can live closely and intimately with another human being and not be driven crazy. Love needs not only to cover a multitude of sins, but a multitude of idiosyncracies.

The MYNW is about realizing and accepting your insanity so you can embrace it and use it for good. It turns out if done the right way, being crazy is actually quite humorous and fun.

Monica and I both have insane tendencies and beliefs. I’ve come to realize (and you may have as well) I don’t march to the beat of a different drummer, I drum my own beats. Monica is a little more in line with reality, but holy cow, does she do some ridiculous things.

And it’s not like we didn’t have a fair warning. You know what dating and a lot of early marriage is? It’s denial! It’s consists of trying to prove you and your partner are not crazy and somehow capable of a sane relationship. Also, we met each other’s families prior to marriage, so we had no excuse. What made us think that somehow our spouse will not be like them? Only an immense amount of denial.

Of course, some of you got absolutely blindsided! You saw your spouse’s family as perfect and wonderful–the kind of family you wished you had. Then, you joined in marriage and you found out you married into a secretely crazy family. How did they hide this so well?

Start with crazy and work forward from there. Admit, like my grandfather did, you have a few screws loose and then learn how to have an insane marriage.

We’re going crazy, want to come with us?

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