The Honeymoon Hat

On August 23, 2003 Ben and I left our wedding reception in a sea of bubbles without a care in the world. The next day we would be lying on a white sand beach in Mexico gazing into each other’s eyes. What could possibly go wrong?

A few days before our wedding a friend asked me what I was getting Ben as a wedding present. What? You have to give your spouse a wedding present? Ugh! This was our first mistake – listening to silly people instead of doing what we wanted. We did a last-minute mall shopping trip to purchase said gifts.

I got Ben a leather bathroom travel bag and he got me a cute straw cowboy hat that I could wear on the beach. Whew – mission accomplished! Fast forward to us walking into the the Iberostar Tucán Resort the next day.

“Oh, crap – I left your hat on the shuttle!” B
“It’s ok, maybe we can get it back.” M
“Not a chance, remember all the signs that were posted saying that they weren’t responsible for anything left on the shuttle?” B
“You’re probably right, oh well.” M
“It’s NOT ok, I can’t believe I freaking did that! It was your wedding present!” B

Ben proceeded to become an “anger ball” and I had one of my first glimpses of my new husband without his filter. This was the beginning of several arguments that took place on our “perfect” honeymoon. He wasn’t the only one – I’m definitely not one to back down from a good fight where I KNOW I’m right.

Basically, neither of us knew how to express our emotions in a calm way or to connect with each other without being co-dependent (a.k.a. we were ticking time bombs!). I’m sure we are the only couple in all of history that argued on our honeymoon – ha!


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