What We Learned at Church Camp

You may have seen the earlier post about church camp. We just returned from another week of church camp, and fortunately, nobody crammed himself in between a bed and a wall.

We had a different struggle this year, probably because I (Ben) took on the responsibility of being the Activities Director. If you know me, you know this is a stretch for me. But, I took it on because of a mixture of wanting to impress my father-in-law and wanting to challenge myself.

As usual when I take on responsibilities like this, I found myself resisting the responsibility pretty hard a few weeks before camp. I expressed this resistance to Monica in the form of disparaging comments and complaints. She listened and became fearful that I would fail, hate camp, the campers would have a bad time, and it would ruin her week as well.

So we fought! She kept on my case about my responsibility as Activities Director while I got defensive and fired back. Our fear dominated our interactions and when we have fear, we have fighting.

After several rounds of this we determined neither of us had a real problem with the other; instead, we both had problems with our own anxiety and fear. Instead of dealing with those fears in ourselves, we took it out on the other person.

Guess what happened when we stopped reacting and fighting? We both relaxed and did what we needed to do. I ended up pulling off activities splendidly without the pressure from her and she enjoyed camp without worrying about my failure or her embarrassment.

But isn’t this the way every successful story goes? Think about your life and relationships. Is it not those times when you give up your anxiety and fear that you experience the most positive changes? So many great success stories turn around with the phrase, “And then I stopped worrying about it.”

Camp reminded us of this beautiful lesson, and it’s up to us to keep practicing it!

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