Reaching Out: The Next Steps

We’re taking the next step with our message in a couple of weeks when we host our first marriage event in our living room with a small group of couples. We had to keep it small for our small living room! We are really scared and really excited at the same time to present our message.

Great ideas are worth spreading, right? We definitely think so. The Marriage You Never Wanted message is so strong in us we have to share it. At this point it feels selfish not to because it has affected our lives so wonderfully.

Our goal is to have more marriage events. When we initially brainstormed about how to get our message out, we dreamed of doing a “Living Room Tour.” Most of our living rooms have been taken captive by the TV or computers and we want to reclaim them as a focal point for connection and growth. Plus, it is a much more relaxed atmosphere to talk about a fun and challenging message.

I don’t know if we’ve made this clear, but we’d love to interact with you more. We welcome emails and comments and will respond to them. It’s our mission to spread the message! Perhaps we could even meet in your living room someday…

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