The Lost Ring

Yesterday, while mowing the yard, Ben lost his wedding ring. The first several years of our marriage, my reaction would have been completely different. I would have rolled my eyes, yelled, and made Ben feel stupid. Instead, I stayed calm, asked if there was anything I could do to help, and started making jokes.Why, as wives, is our initial reaction to turn into angry African lionesses on the prowl when stuff happens? Taking a pause in situations like this took some practice and I still mess up, but it’s one of the best habits I’ve tackled in our marriage. Plus, laughing is SO much more fun than arguing… I’m just sayin’.
Thankfully, Ben found his ring in the mud. Imagine all the negative energy I could have wasted and how much damage I could have done to our relationship over something so silly? Be kind to your spouse, it’s really that simple.

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