Running and Marriage

In order to beat the Memphis heat, I got up at 6AM to go running with a friend today. It. Was. Amazing. I’ve been running off and on the last few months and have a couple of 5K’s under my belt, but I have never felt better! The conditions were absolutely perfect – 77 degrees, cloudy, a light breeze.
My perfect running experience got me to thinking about my marriage. For many years I lived in a world where I based my happiness on whether or not Ben was happy. I needed my marriage. I felt like we had the same conversations over and over again because we were reacting to each other the same way.

I’ve never really wanted to run. I didn’t grow up in an athletic family. However, the clarity and freedom I felt today running through the forest cannot compare! That’s exactly how I feel about my marriage now after I made some simple shifts. It doesn’t matter how I grew up or what my “default” was.

A marriage in “perfect conditions” promotes love, growth and freedom. That’s what I’m experiencing right now. Don’t tell Ben, but I may have teared up while reading anniversary cards at Barnes & Noble. Lately, I’ve had a whole new appreciation for him and what he means to me. Now I want my marriage.

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