Saving Your Marriage from the 3G Castle

Technology has certainly changed the way we live! Monica’s iPhone recently helped us navigate around a wreck so we could stop sitting in traffic and get home. It was wonderful! Sometimes, though, it navigates our attention away from each other.

Last night Monica was trying to tell me something she learned from her running book while I had the iPhone. I heard her talking but I couldn’t make anything coherent out of her babbling. My head was too full of data!

Fortunately, she realized this and asked me if she could tell me something when I was not looking at the iPhone. When I finished saving the world on the phone I looked up at her and listened. All the sudden all that babbling formed phrases and sentences!

This led me to the following amazing discovery: If you want to save your marriage from the 3G castle you have to do three things: put your devices away, look into your partner’s eyes, and talk!

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