Those Are Fighting Words

This morning we had planned an early run/bike ride before work, but first I decided to do my daily Wii Fit weigh-in. While Ben impatiently waited, he happened to see that I had gained 0.9 lbs. “Uh oh, you gained!”
This pic about sums up the death stare and thoughts going through my head. Being a good husband 101: Never, ever, ever make any comment about your wife’s weight. Thankfully, I was able to run off my anger. Around mile 3 I told Ben that I must have forgotten to foregive him this morning.

What is FOREgivness you ask? It’s this thing we started doing where every morning when we wake up we forgive the other person. There’s no way Ben can meet all my expectations and fulfill all my needs, so I pre-forgive him.

It seems simple and kinda silly, but it really helps my attitude towards Ben throughout the day. By the time we made it home we were friends again. That is very different than my reaction would have been a few years ago – there may have been lots of yelling and gnashing of teeth!

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