At Least I Didn’t Lose My Cool!

“Where’s my hat?” I said after realizing it was no longer on my head.

Then it hit me, I had it on in the kayak two hours earlier before I had the dramatic crash into the shore. The sea swallowed it.

Go forward 2 days…

“Oh no! They’re gone!”

Two seconds earlier a giant wave rocked my sunglasses off my face. I looked for the next hour and never found them. To add insult to injury, they were my $350 pair of prescription sunglasses.

Yes, it happened again, just like on our honeymoon, but this time I lost two things!

However, what I didn’t lose this time was my temper, my cool, or my wife’s respect. I consider this a major success! Monica was sad for my losses, but we moved on and had an awesome vacation!

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