Who are we? We’re Ben and Monica, a crazy couple on a mission to transform marriages. We’ve been married 8 years, have one dog, and absolutely love our lives. We live by the motto, “People who do things do things!”

Now, to impress you with our credentials so you’ll think we’re worth our salt:

Ben has a Master of Arts in Counseling and is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT). He is passionate about working with individuals, couples, and families in order to help them change their lives. He’s also a deep thinker and loves learning about change and applying it to his life. If you get him started talking about change, it’s hard to get him to stop. He also loves coming up with witty sayings about life and relationships.

Monica has a degree in Organizational Communication because it seemed like a good idea at the time. She has a background in marketing and home staging (watch the movie Leap Year if you don’t know what a Home Stager is). She spends her days doing what she loves–blogging at StagingbyM.com in a coffee shop, running with a friend, and working at a non-profit.

We have a marriage we want and it is so much fun. We are far from perfect and have our bad days, but we can truly say we have the Marriage We Never Wanted, and it is awesome!