Our Mission

We started out as an ordinary couple with an ordinary life. We succeeded at being ordinary! We rarely fought, watched LOST, bought furniture at IKEA, took yearly vacations, had enough sex, ate out way too much, gained weight, worked uninspiring jobs, and treated our dog like a child. We were an ordinary, run of the mill, happily married couple by all accounts.

But then we realized something: ordinary left us bored, unfulfilled, needy, resentful, lazy, entitled, and stuck. We either had to accept our fate or change, and accepting it was not an option.

To get to the next level we had to abandon our beliefs about marriage. Sure, we could meet each others needs, feel secure, speak the right languages, take a dare, and use “I” statements correctly, but it only maintained the status quo. We wanted to be extraordinary, meaning we had to find a better way than what was out there.

Becoming extraordinary meant giving up our marriage as we knew it. All the needs, expectations, rules, advice, and assumptions we lived by and put our security in had to go. Finally, we could have what we call the marriage we never wanted, because we were too busy needing it. We fell out of need with each other and into love and want.

Our journey into the extraordinary put a message and a passion in our hearts. We want to challenge couples to release their marriages from the confines of the ordinary to the freedom and passion of the extraordinary!